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St. Paul Lutheran Church & School | Muskego
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Welcome Home

Dorothy repeated it over and over 80 years ago in The Wizard of Oz

Have you ever wished you could click your own ruby red slippers and go back to that place...

Where you are loved just as you are.
Where you are always safe.

That's the church home that, with God's help, we are striving to create at St. Paul's. Come and help us be that loving, safe home.

Join us October 27 through Thanksgiving for our Welcome Home celebration.


Sermon Schedule

Our sermon times and campus location are listed below.

Weekend of October 27
Welcome to the Place Where All Are Welcome
Weekend of November 3
Welcome to the Place Where God Holds Us Close
Weekend of November 10
Welcome to the Place Where God Keeps Us Safe
Weekend of November 17
Welcome to the Place Where You Can Live Forever
Weekend of November 24
Welcome to the Place Where You Can Find Peace
Thanksgiving Eve/Day
Welcome to the Place of Thanksgiving
Wednesday service at 7 pm, Thursday service at 9:15 am

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