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Pastor's Blog - Two Funerals and a Wedding

Two Funerals and a Wedding

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

It sounds like a movie title. But in the next 24 hours, God will use two funerals and a wedding to prepare me for worship this weekend. Our weekend message is based on the account of John 11:1-45. Read it here.

  • It is a sad story, a story filled with tears and heavy emotions.
  • It is a love story, a story filled with tears of joy and family celebration.

As I attend the wedding, I’ll be reminded of the sadness of John 11. In the wedding vows we acknowledge the reality of death… “as long as we both shall live.” Flowers on the altar will be present in honor of loved ones who have died. Love means that someday this young couple will shed tears of sorrow. Death will someday tear a loved one away.

As I attend the funerals, I’ll celebrate the love of John 11. Appearances would say, “God has withdrawn his love from these families.” But that wasn’t true in John 11. It isn’t true today. The deceased and their families… they are loved by God. I can say that with confidence because “God so loved the world,” including these two grieving families.

Love in the midst of tears. That’s what I see in my Savior this weekend: He is Like Us in Every Way.

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I am Built

Our staff learned about each other's strengths at a recent retreat. Attached is an article about the retreat entitled I am Built. Enjoy and give thanks to God for the team he has assembled to help us fulfill our mission: By every possible means we bring every person within our area of influence closer to Christ.

God bless your weekend!

Pastor Pete  


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