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Pastor's Blog - The Unconditional Gospel - Continue the Discussion

The Unconditional Gospel - Continue the Discussion

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

If you were not able to join us for worship yesterday, we encourage you to watch or download a podcast of the message. One of our members mentioned that she has already listened to it four times!

Unconditional Gospel – Sanctuary message

Unconditional Gospel – Bridge message

Unconditional Gospel – Complete Bridge service - One attendee said it was the best worship he ever experienced!

Unconditional Love

A friend of St. Paul’s sent a link to a 20 minute interview of Rosaria Butterfield on The Gospel Coalition. Rosaria is quoted at the end of this week’s chapter of Gay and God, pages 33 and 34. I would encourage you to watch/listen to this interview (click here).

Rosaria is a former lesbian who is now a pastor’s wife. She gives many insights into reaching the LGBTQ part of our mission field. One of the amazing things she mentions, about 15 minutes into the video, is that Christian parents will find it difficult to love their gay or lesbian child as much as the LGBTQ community, a community of love and care that the Christian church rarely measures up to. This confirms last week’s message about unconditional love and our need to grow in Christian love and care! Here are the links:

Unconditional Love – Sanctuary message

Unconditional Love – Bridge message

Unconditional Love – Complete Bridge service

Continue the Discussion

Many questions we received in the first week helped shape the message this past weekend. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and questions!

Pastor Pete will be in the church library (west wing of the church) this evening (Monday, February 18) at 6:30 pm and again on Wednesday  at 10 am to answer questions and discuss this topic with anyone who would like to come. You may also email me questions that you might have.

Attached is the small group discussion booklet based on the book Gay and God. You can receive a copy of the book directly from Time of Grace for a donation by clicking here. We will try to purchase additional copies for distribution this weekend. Many individuals mentioned that they have read this short book multiple times and want to share it with others.

The Rest of the Story

Next week, our message will deal with the passages from God’s law that speak about sexuality. You may have thought that would be the place to start a message series on homosexuality. But the order of the messages is the order of a conversation with anyone in your “mission field,” no matter if they are part of the LGBTQ community or not. First people need to know we love them. Then they need to know that God loves them and wants what is best for them. Thirdly, we use God’s law as a mirror to see our sin together. Finally, we place this person into God’s hands, trusting that the Holy Spirit can work miracles in their lives as he has in our own.

February 24 – Unconditional Bible

March 3 – Unconditional Trust

May God continue to bless our discussions. This is all part of reaching the increasingly post-Christian mission field around us.

Your fellow servant of Christ,

Pastor Pete


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