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Pastor's Blog - The Pain of Being Untouchable

The Pain of Being Untouchable

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Perhaps you have a confession to make like me.

Sadly, I remember in school that we teased kids, saying they had “cooties.” They were “untouchables.”

How that must have hurt! Perhaps you were someone teased like that and know the hurt firsthand. Please forgive us who have hurt you!

“Untouchable” today

That pain is still very real for many of us today. Perhaps someone to this day considers you an “untouchable.” Friends disassociate themselves from you. Even family members may distance themselves from you. Sometimes you might be able to pinpoint the cause… your guilt or theirs. But sometimes you don’t even know why, but the reality is there…

“I am an untouchable.”

That rejection by other people is painful. It is even more painful when you feel yourself “untouchable” by God. Guilt. Shame. Why would God have anything to do with me, let alone touch me in loving kindness?

“Jesus… touched the man” (Luke 5:13)

This is the miracle that we will celebrate this weekend. There was an “untouchable,” a leper who according to Old Testament law was to warn everyone around him crying out “Unclean! Unclean!” (Leviticus 13:45-46).No one was to touch him lest they become “unclean.”

But Jesus reached out his hand and touched this “untouchable.”

This is the Friend that we will celebrate this weekend.

  • No matter what you have done that has made you “untouchable”…
  • No matter who says that you are “untouchable”…
  • No matter how much that voice within you crushes you with that word “untouchable”…

Jesus, your Friend, is reaching out to you to touch you in love and compassion. Come and hear his wonderful words, “Be clean!”

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Cool Million News

Attached is our worship folder note celebrating the results of our Cool Million tithe to our mission partners. Our next $10,000 tithe gift will be going to our Mission Partner Garden Homes Lutheran Church and School on Milwaukee’s north side. We rejoice with them this weekend as they install their new pastor Christian Doerr.

We look forward to seeing in you worship this weekend!

Pastor Pete


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