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Pastor's Blog - The Big Things and the Little Things...

The Big Things and the Little Things...

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Celebrate the Big Things…

  1. Christmas for Kids tomorrow at 9 am. 141 kids registered plus about 45 volunteers! Thanks Dr. Nelson and your team for organizing this!
  2. Muskego Food Pantry Toy Distribution. A couple of hundred people came to our campus to receive Christmas gifts, many of which have become from St. Paul’s members. Thanks to Sally Wallner for organizing this service to our community.
  3. Church Christmas decorations starting at 9:30 am. More decorators welcome! Thanks to Pastor Bonack for all he does to make our worship such a meaningful experience week after week!
  4. The Bridge 5th Anniversary this Sunday. The Christmas for Kids/Kids Club children will sing in the service at 10:15 am and there will be a celebration meal of burgers, brats, hotdogs and a Packer game after the service. Thanks to Pastor Strobel for organizing this. Please RSVP to him ( ) if you can stay for the meal.

Celebrate the Little Things…

  1. Pastor Kuehl mentioned that a new family was impressed that we gave away Bibles to anyone who wanted one last Christmas. Such a small kindness makes a big impression.
  2. A first-time guest commented about something so small as a friendly greeting:It was like Cheers, “Everyone knows your name.” Extremely welcoming, I was new as was my son, I felt welcome." Synod President Schroeder in the WELS Connection that we watched last week (see it here) mentioned that a simple act of kindness has led to 100,000 people hearing the gospel. Amazing that God can use such simple acts of kindness to make a difference for eternity.

Celebrate the Historic Things…

  1. 77 years ago today, our nation was plunged into a war that changed the lives of so many. Perhaps you read the story of a teenager (click here) who enlisted the day after Pearl Harbor and was one of the last who died in World War II. Today we offer to God a prayer of thanks for the men and women who have served in our nation’s military to ensure our safety.
  2. One of the unexpected blessings of World War II is that many midwestern young men saw a great big world out there that needed the gospel. A booklet The WELS Forty-Niners tells the story of exploratory work that resulted in the Lutheran Church of Central Africa where our mission partner John Holtz serves. His latest newsletter (attached) speaks of the expansion of our work into Mozambique.
  3. Wednesday a World War II vet was honored, President George H.W. Bush … but the greatest honor was to hear of his faith that sustained him in life and death. When you have time, I encourage you to hear the sermon preached at his funeral and rededicate yourself to using the power and resources God has given you to be a blessing to others as he was. (Click here for the recording. The sermon begins at approximately 2:36).

Join Us as We Celebrate the Eternal Things…

This weekend we hear that not one word of God fails. That is not always easy to believe. Read Psalm 89 to learn of one man’s struggle to hear the Lord’s “Amen!” I look forward to studying this psalm with many of you in the message.

Traditional Services: Sat @ 5 pm, Sun @ 7:45 & 9:15 am
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Online Worship

We celebrate our growing online presence. Last week a record of 64 individuals or families watched us live. If you can’t join us in person, watch here on Sundays at 10:15 am.

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Attached is this week's St. Paul's News

Hope to see many of you this weekend!

Pastor Pete


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