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St. Paul's Special News

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

This weekend we welcome Pastor Jeremy Mattek from Garden Homes Lutheran Church and School on the north side of Milwaukee to be our guest preacher. Pastor Panitzke will be preaching at Garden Homes. This is part of our effort to build a sister congregation relationship between our two congregations. This summer there were riots in Milwaukee. In response, St. Paul’s leaders designated $10,000 from our Friends in Need fund to be used by Garden Homes to help bring hope and healing to Milwaukee’s north side. See the letter of thanks from Pastor Mattek about the community event on October 15 that we made possible! Call News Two of our staff members are holding calls or invitations to serve elsewhere. Pastor Panitzke has been called to serve St. John’s Lutheran Church and School on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean. Mr. Jeff Wetzel has been called to serve as Dean and teach 1/3 time at Wisconsin Lutheran Elementary School in Racine. Now both men have the responsibility to consider this new opportunity to serve and the Holy Spirit’s call to serve here at St. Paul’s. They will be asking themselves where their skills and passion can best be used in God’s kingdom. They welcome your prayers and good counsel as they takes the next several weeks to decide where to serve their Savior. Online Presence Grows Each week a dedicated group of volunteers live streams our entire Bridge service at 10:15 am on Sunday. (Click here.) You can also see archived services there. Each week about 40 to 50 people watch live or an archived service. In addition, the message in our traditional service is recorded and is available as video or downloadable podcast. May God bless his Word whether we hear it in person or online!


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