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Pastor's Blog - So much to be thankful for...

So much to be thankful for...

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Thankful the impact of Christianity on our society...

This week we continue our Culture Shift message series, focusing on the positive impact Christianity has had on our society.

Dinesh D'Souza, in What's So Great About Christianity wrote: "Christianity is responsible for the way our society is organized and for the way we currently live. So extensive is the Christian contribution to our laws, our economics, our politics, our arts, our calendar, our holidays, and our moral and cultural priorities that historian J. M. Robers writes in The Triumph of the West, 'We could none of us today be what we are if a handful of Jews nearly two thousand years ago had not believed that they had known a great teacher, seen him crucified, dead, and buried, and then rise again.'" Read more...

Last week we studied the topic When Children Became People. Watch here. This week our topic is When Women Became Precious. If you can't join us in person, join us online (click here) on Sunday at 10:15 am or watch us on Facebook: The Bridge at St. Paul's. 

Thankful for our students

This week Grace Schneider, an alum of our Christian elementary school, was honored as a Viking Christian Leader. Read more...  If you or a friend or family member might be interested in our school, request a tour with our principal here.  We are celebrating Lutheran Schools Week this week. 

Thankful for our staff 

What a blessing to have a talented staff that works together with other ministries. Recently Mike Westendorf of our staff worked with Time of Grace to produce Mile Marker videos to serve the 18-25 year old generation. Watch the first ones here and share them on social media! Quite a few of our members are also featured on these videos. 

Thankful for you!

Every year your ministerial team, teaching team, and office team gather for a two-day retreat to learn and grow together. Yesterday was the first day. Our focus this year is how we can help each other and our students through some of life's challenges. After an opening devotion and Bible study, Karen Fischer of Christian Family Solutions presented to us and then Pastor Bonack shared some insights from his classes in mental health counseling. Thank you, dear partner in ministry, for supporting your staff in this way so that we continue to grow in our ability to "bring every person within our area of influence closer to Christ."

Attached is this week's St. Paul's News. Highlights are the Lutheran Schools Week, Thirteen 22 Society and Luncheon, the new Following the Promise study and the study of the Book of Job, and opportunities to get involved through the dinner on Feb 16, Lenten soup suppers, and our August outdoor worship service and picnic. 

God bless you as you daily join Jesus on His Mission.

Pastor Pete


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