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Pastor's Blog - Reformation and Mission & Worship Links for Today

Reformation and Mission & Worship Links for Today

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

The Old Testament lesson (find  Kings 23-24 here) records King Josiah’s efforts to bring about a reformation in Judah. The altars to false gods and their placement in the temple of the LORD is startling. Archaeology also records this widespread idolatry. Thousands of small household idols called Judean Pillar Figurines have been found. The need for reformation was great.

The New Testament lesson (find 2 Timothy 4 here) contain Paul’s final recorded words. Execution in Rome seems imminent. It is evident that Paul did considerable mission work after his first imprisonment in Rome as he left co-workers in various cities to continue the ministry.

God grant us Josiah’s commitment to faithfulness to God’s Word and Paul’s dedication to spread that word.

Unexpected Message Series Continues
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God bless your worship of our Savior!

Pastor Pete


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