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Pastor's Blog - "Man's greatest fear... his greatest pain..."

"Man's greatest fear... his greatest pain..."

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

“Man’s greatest fear is failure and his greatest pain is regret.”

Many of us men feel like failures. If God has blessed us with being a father, almost certainly you will experience failure as you wish you would have done things differently to be a blessing to your children.

But God used a “failure” like Samson and he can use “failures” like us. Join us this weekend as we complete our “Ordinary People – Extraordinary God” series on Samson. Read Judges 16 to prepare for the message.

Traditional Services: Sat @ 5 pm; Sun @ 7:45 & 9:15 am; Wed @ 7 pm
Contemporary Service: Sun @ 10:45 am
The Bridge: Sun @ 10:15 am (Confession/communion at 9:45) Live stream here.

Samson’s Story has spoken to the hearts of many

Many found the first two messages on Samson especially helpful. View them here:
Because Strong Men and Women are Weak… (Traditional or Bridge)
Small Steps to Big Destruction – our own destruction or Satan’s (Traditional or Bridge)

God grant you a blessed Father's Day weekend!

Pastor Pete


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