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Pastor's Blog - Lord Jesus, change the world. Start with me. Amen.

Lord Jesus, change the world. Start with me. Amen.

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

When Jesus was born, the Roman Empire enjoyed financial and military success. At the same time, scandals of a sexual nature had become commonplace in the ruling elite. Positions of power were bought and sold. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? 

Over the next three centuries, a revolution took place. The Christian faith became the dominate force in the Roman world by 325 AD.

How did the Christian Church change the world? It wasn’t by armed revolt or by political intrigue. The world was changed by individual Christians living a revolutionary life, a life of purpose and love that amazed the world around them and led people around them closer to Christ.

As we begin the new year, it is our prayer that the Lord would change the world again, that a new revolution of faith would sweep through our families, our community, and our world. 

Lord Jesus, change the world. Start with me. 

This weekend we will celebrate the revolutionary change that came upon a few strangers from the east (read more here). They looked for Hope. They worshiped Hope. God grant that change in us. God grant that change through us to others. 

Life Changing Opportunities

With the new year, a number of new life-changing opportunities begin. St. Paul's News, attached, has more information about these programs.Reply to this email to register or formore information about any of these opportunities. 

Changing our World

Attached is the article "The Love of a Generous People" that celebrates how God has enabled us to show Christian love to those in our community and in Puerto Rico. God uses this kind of love in action to change the world... and we are a part of it! Praise God!

St. Paul’s World Changes

This weekend Pastor Nate Strobel, our fourth pastor, will be introduced at all services and will be installed at the 10:45 service. A cake reception will follow the service in the Grace Room. Pastor Strobel has been called to be Resident Missionary to help us bring people of our community closer to Christ. We look forward to this change and the strengthening of our ministry.

It is with a sense of sadness that we will be saying farewell to Pastor Ben Kuerth who is the founding pastor of our daughter congregation Victory of the Lamb in Franklin. He has accepted the call to serve as lead pastor of Divine Savior Lutheran Church in Doral, Florida. 

Finally, it is with great joy that we can report that one thing will not change! Our School Administrator Seth Fitzsimmons declined his call to Luther Prep School in Watertown and will continue to serve here. 

Prayer Request

As you receive this, final preparations are taking place for Awake and Alive’s first national two-day event at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Please pray for this ministry to the 18-25 year generation that was begun on our campus. 

See you in worship

Hope to see you in person. Find times of service here.

If you can’t join us in person, watch The Bridge on Sunday @ 10:15 am live-streamed here or watch one of our past messages or download a podcast here. 

I rejoice to be a part of a Christian community that has a desire to change the world… by every possible means bringing each person in our area of influence closer to Christ. 

Pastor Pete


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