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Pastor's Blog - Lessons from Stumps and Evergreens

Lessons from Stumps and Evergreens

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Stumps and evergreens can remind us of today's Bible reading. View the introduction to the lessons here.  In yesterday's reading, Isaiah sees the Assyrian army advancing from village to village until they are at Nob, just a mile or two north of Jerusalem (see Isaiah 10:28-34), In our lesson for today (read Isaiah 11-13 here) the royal house of King David looks like a dead stump (Jesse was King David's father), cut down and humbled by the Assyrians. From that stump, the Savior will come. 

We were dead stumps too (remember Ephesians 2:1), dead in sin but made alive in Christ. From our New Testament lesson (read Ephesians 4:1-24 here), the evergreens outside of church can remind us to reflect that new and everlasting life in our daily lives. 

Worship Links

Our first attempt at live streaming the 9:15 service had a few glitches, so we recorded the 10:45 service as well. That link is below. Next week we hope to begin a live stream of the traditional service on Facebook as well.

Outdoor Service Next Sunday

We will offer an outdoor service on Sunday, September 20th at 10:30 am in place of The Bridge and 10:45 services. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy some music together after the service. 

Spiritual Growth

  • We hope to resume in-person Kids Club soon. Register by clicking here. 
  • Join Pastor Nate in his next Following the Promise Bible study on Tuesday, September 29th. Register by emailing him at  
  • Join Pastor Pete for his next GroupWork study on Thursday, September 24 at 7 pm. 

Attached is the worship folder from this past weekend that includes more news and the confirmands confessions of faith. 

God bless your week of service to your Savior.

Pastor Pete


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