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Pastor's Blog - Lent - A Time of Rest

Lent - A Time of Rest

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

The word “rest” is probably not the word typically associated with Lent.“Repentance” is a Lenten word as we reflect on our sin and guilt that made Jesus’ suffering necessary. “Sorrow” is a Lenten word as we reflect on the physical and especially the spiritual pain that Jesus went through as he was forsaken by God his Father in our place.

But “rest” is my Lenten word this year.

For the last month God’s Word has challenged us in the Me? Friend of All series. (Click here for all four messages either for your review or to share with others.) Spiritually, I am tired as God has called me to go higher in my walk with him so that we might reach the mission fields around us. I need rest.

Find Rest on Wednesdays

At our 3:30 and 7:00 pm Wednesday services, I’m looking forward to finding rest in The Ironies of the Passion. Even as we walk with our Savior to his suffering and death, the ironies that we hear can remind us that our God uses even his enemies to accomplish his saving will. I can rest in the knowledge that God’s wisdom and power will accomplish the desire of his mercy—the salvation of my soul.

  • March 6               “This man went home justified.”
  • March 13             “It is better that one man die for the people.”
  • March 20            “Not during the Feast!”
  • March 27            “He had been wanting to see Jesus.”
  • April 3                 “We have no king but Caesar!”
  • April 10                “Don’t you fear God?”

Find Rest on the Weekends

“Christ for us” is the summary of the Christian message and the focus of our Weekend Lenten series His Pain, Our God. Every step on the way to the cross, we will see that the hard work is done for us. Salvation is won. “Find rest, O my soul, in God alone” (Psalm 62).

  • March 10             His Victory
  • March 17             His Compassion
  • March 24             His Submission
  • March 31             His Honesty
  • April 7                  His Justice
  • April 14                His Joy 

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I look forward to finding rest for my soul with you this Lenten season.

Pastor Pete

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