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Pastor's Blog - Is the Impossible Possible? Only God...

Is the Impossible Possible? Only God...

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Can people change? Often that seems impossible!

  • Can a husband or wife change a behavior that is destroying the marriage?
  • Can a bully treat his victim with respect?
  • Can a person filled with anger become a person of calm and care?
  • Can a person involved in illicit sexual relationships (heterosexual or homosexual) control those sexual desires?

I’ve known couples convinced that the other person cannot change. I’ve known classmates convinced that the bully will always be an enemy. I’ve often been the person ready to give up on someone who always seems to be angry toward me. And as we think about the LGBTQ community, we can easily say that their sexuality will always define who they are.

But we have a God who does the impossible!

What is the foundational truth upon which we base our faith? That God did the impossible. He raised Jesus from the dead after he suffered for all our sins.

If you believe that God raised Jesus from the dead, God did something impossible in you! It was impossible for you to believe in Jesus. At one time, you were hostile to God (Romans 8:7; Ephesians 2:1-3). But now the Holy Spirit has made you a believer.

Unconditional Trust in the Impossible-Working God

Our final message in the Me? Friend of All message series (click here to view the previous messages) is Unconditional Trust. Trust that you have a God who has changed you and that you have a God who can change others.

We are called to plant the Word, not change hearts. Only God can do the impossible. May God work a miracle of trust in our hearts so that we do not give up!

Is the impossible possible? Only God can and does accomplish it. Let's grow in this truth together this weekend. (Click here for worship times or watch The Bridge live on Sunday at 10:15 am by clicking here or watch it on Facebook (The Bridge at St. Paul's) and share it!

Mission News

Attached are newsletters from both our Malawi and Mexico mission partners.

  • In Malawi we celebrate that God’s church is being blessed by second-generation church leaders.
  • In Mexico, read of one couple’s mission trip experience. The group that hoped to travel to Costa Maya this month have postponed that trip until about this time next year. When planning for the trip begins, we’ll let everyone know.

School Re-enrollment

It is re-enrollment time at our school. Are you or someone you know interested in sending children to a Christian school? Through our participation in the Parental Choice programs and generous tuition assistance, we seek to make our school financially accessible to any parent who wants to send their children here. Our school is worth a tour! Contact Principal Fitzsimmons at .

Ash Wednesday

Finally, remember that Wednesday, March 6 is Ash Wednesday with communion services and imposition of ashes at 3:30 and 7:00 pm and a soup supper provided by Cancer Support Group in between services.

God bless your weekend.

Pastor Pete 


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