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Pastor's Blog - I'm tired today...

I'm tired today...

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

I'm tired.

  • Tired of wondering how long the pandemic will last.
  • Tired of taking precautions.
  • Tired of reading about  record numbers of new cases.
  • Tired of wondering what new restrictions will be necessary tomorrow.

That sense of exhaustion sweeps over me as I read our Old Testament lesson (find Proverbs 4-6 here). The book of Proverbs is a book of law that convicts us. Guard your heart. Take precautions, not just against COVID-19, but against sexual temptations, against pride, against laziness…

Proverbs is an exhausting book to read. 

It is that spiritual exhaustion that leads me to appreciate the promise of the resurrection body in 1 Corinthians 15:35-58 (read it here). The resurrection body will be a “spiritual body,” a body completely controlled by the Spirit of God. The battles against temptation will be over for all eternity. That resurrection body will also be "immortal." We will never have to worry about sickness and death when our Lord Jesus returns.

It is little wonder that the Apostle John, after seeing visions of the resurrection body in Revelation, prays, "Even so, come Lord Jesus" (Revelation 22:20 KJV). 

Because the book of Proverbs is primarily all law, convicting and exhausting, I would encourage you to close your daily devotions by reading/reciting Psalm 130 and claim again the refreshment of the LORD's forgiveness. "I wait for the LORD, my soul waits" (Psalm 130). 
Worship With Us This Evening

We have in-person worship this evening at 7 pm. There is small group communion after the service as well. 

Jammin on Janesville

One of our values at St. Paul's is community involvement. We are a sponsor for this year's Jammin on Janesville on Friday, August 7. (Click here for more information.)  Recently Pastor Nate who is on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors talked about our involvement. Enjoy this three minute video here. 

May our Gracious God refresh us with his love as we eagerly await his return.

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Pete 


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