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Pastor's Blog - Humility - A Lesson from History & Communion Plans

Humility - A Lesson from History & Communion Plans

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Today’s Old Testament reading (read Psalm 78) is a summary of the history of God’s Old Testament people focusing on the unfaithfulness of the people and the faithful love of their God.
We can stand in judgment over the Israelites and shake our heads in disgust. How could they so quickly forsake the God who rescued them from Egypt and brought them into the Promised Land?

However, the psalmist did not review history so we could stand in judgment. Instead, his goal was that this history would lead us to ask ourselves: How has the Lord shown his power and love to me in the past? How am I being unfaithful like the Israelites? Where am I failing to trust in the God who can save me?
That same lesson of history is in our New Testament reading (read Luke 23:13-32) as Jesus is led out to be crucified. The people of Jerusalem rejected their King. It is easy to stand in judgment on them. But the Holy Spirit preserved Jesus’ warning about the destruction of Jerusalem not only for the people of that day, but for us as well. A judgment day is coming. Let us search our own hearts and minds. Which of our actions or inaction does God see as a rebellion against Him?
When we do that, we will appreciate anew that the soldiers did not force Jesus to “the place called The Skull” (Luke 23:33). It was the faithful love of the Savior for unfaithful followers like us.

Communion Plans

Attached is the page from our traditional worship folder that explains our plans for communion in all traditional services this weekend. We will also have communion using a similar pattern in The Bridge confession/communion service at 9:45. We will be resuming our previous pattern of offering communion in all the traditional services on the 2nd and last weekends of the month, and at The Bridge at 9:45 every Sunday. We will offer the Lord's Supper in small group communion on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. 

God bless your reading of God's Word.

Pastor Pete


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