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Pastor's Blog - How Hungry Are You?

How Hungry Are You?

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." (Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:6)

Spiritually, I’m a lot like my one-year old grandsons.
We fed them lunch last weekend at our house. They were “hungry,” but like most one-year-olds, they enjoyed playing with their food as much as eating it.

Contrast that with a member of St. Paul’s who told me about growing up in war-torn Germany. She remembered that she was always hungry. 

If my grandsons were hungry like this woman had been… if I were truly hungry like that… we wouldn’t be picky eaters. We’d eat anything set before us and be looking for more. 

Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness…” 

I realize that I’m not all that hungry. How about you?

  • When I’m listening to a sermon, do I fall into the picky-eater category and find fault?
  • When I sit down for personal Bible ready, do I “play with my food,” being easily distracted?
  • When I have a chance to gather with fellow Christians for Bible study or to serve together, does everything else I could do seem more interesting?

I have to admit it. I am a spiritual one-year old. How about you?

As we ramp up our fall program, we are going to do the best we can to put good spiritual food before you. But the question is really, “How hungry are you?”

Come hungry! 

1.    Worship together
Our message this weekend is a great introduction to a four-part message series on worldview. Our goal is to both understand our own worldview and be prepared to speak to others with a different worldview. See the summary. Click here for our worship times.

2.    Bible study
A number of new Bible studies are starting in the next two weeks. Register for any of them by emailing me:
a.    Sunday Grace Room Study begins this weekend, September 10. “Let’s God to Know God and Ourselves Better: A Study of Genesis 1-3” led by Professor Daniel Deutschlander. 
b.    New member Bible study… One recent participant called it her “Bible boot camp.” We meet on Tuesdays at 7 pm beginning September 12. Childcare is available upon request.
c.    Through the Bible in a Year… This study is designed to help you for a lifetime of Bible reading. We meet on Wednesdays at 1 pm beginning September 13 or Mondays at 7 pm beginning September 18.
d.    Tuesday Women’s Study at 9:30 am in the Faith Room
e.    Parents’ Club begins Sunday, September 17 at 9:15 am: Parenting: The Early Years

3.    Kids Club begins Sunday, September 10 at 9:15 am for children 3K-8th grade). Attached is the fall newsletter and registration form

4.    Small Groups starting in the next couple of weeks… A DVD based study called Foundations in Creation by Jay Seegert. Email me to indicate interest. 

Join Us Online

Our apology that we had technical difficulties with our live stream last Sunday. We celebrate that every week we have over 100 people joining us live at The Bridge at 10:15 Sunday mornings or watching a replay (Click here), or watching one of our recent sermons (Click here).

Take Up Your Cross Series

There has been a lot of views of our recent message series. Here are the links:

  • Take Up Your Cross in Youth (Pastor Kuehl’s message here and Pastor Panitzke’s message here)
  • Take Up Your Cross in the Middle (Pastor Panitzke’s message here)
  • Take Up Your Cross in the “Golden Years” (Pastor Kuehl’s message here and Pastor Panitzke’s message here)

Hurricane Relief

We continue to pray for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and ask God to spare our nation from devastation from Hurricane Irma. Go to to give a gift for Hurricane Relief.

Closing Prayer

When God takes away everything through the devastation of a hurricane, it reminds us that the only thing that truly matters is an eternal relationship with our Savior. That’s what Jesus was talking about… hungry and thirsty for righteousness. God grant me that hunger! I pray you are hungry too!

Pastor Pete


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