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Pastor's Blog - Harvey Aid & 2 Videos to Prepare for this Weekend

Harvey Aid & 2 Videos to Prepare for this Weekend

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Hurricane Harvey

We have several congregations of our church body in the area affected by Hurricane Harvey. We are thankful to report that we are aware of no fatalities within our churches there. However, the loss of homes and possessions both within these congregations and within their community is great! 

We are gathering offerings to forward to the congregations so that they can distribute it to their members and their community as evidence of the love of Christ that binds God's church together. 

If you would like to give a special gift, text the dollar amount and the word “Harvey” to 414-316-3733 (example: $50 Harvey). You can also give online at You will see "Harvey" on the list of offering options. 

Preparing for Worship: Take Up the Cross

This weekend, we complete the message series: Take Up Your Cross. 

As a review, you can watch the "Take Up the Cross in Youth" messages. Click here for Pastor Kuehl's message and here for Pastor Panitzke's message on that topic. Watch the second message: "Take Up the Cross in the Middle: The Cross of Shabbat" here.

This weekend, we consider the cross that God often places upon the elderly, "Take Up the Cross of Meaninglessness." and how God uses that cross to bless them and the rest of us. "Meaninglessness" is a harsh word, but it is what King Solomon uses in Ecclesiastes 12 to prepare us for the future. Read it here. 

There are a couple of videos that you may also enjoy watching as you prepare for this weekend. The first is the song "Where Rainbows Never Die." It illustrates the cross of the elderly as they appear "invisible" to those around them.

The second is a Mile Marker video shown at the most recent Awake and Alive session featuring Paul Kunz. It is a powerful reminder that those who are in their "golden years" have so much to teach us about true strength. Watch it here. 

God grant you a blessed Labor Day weekend!

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Pete 

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