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Pastor's Blog - God Builds a Bridge to Nowhere and Everywhere

God Builds a Bridge to Nowhere and Everywhere

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

This past week I read an article about McDowell County, West Virginia.

McDowell County was a coal county. In the 1950’s, its population was over 100,000. Now it is down to 21,000. The coal jobs are all gone.

McDowell County is an expensive place to build roads. It costs six times more per mile to build a freeway in the mountains of West Virginia than it does to build the same road on the plains of Kansas.

McDowell County is the poster county for “nowhere.” In the eyes of many, it just isn’t worth building roads and bridges that could bring economic life to this county in southern West Virginia.

Guilt can also make you a poster child for "nowhere."In your eyes you may feel that you just aren't worth anything to anyone.

If you have ever felt that way, I’d encourage you to read John 4:1-42.

This weekend we are going to see Jesus approach a “nowhere” place and a “nowhere” person. It is my prayer that you will be able to see that Jesus has built a bridge to nowhere so that it might become a bridge to everywhere.


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God bless your weekend!
Pastor Pete


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