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Pastor's Blog - Father, give us wisdom as we love

Father, give us wisdom as we love

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Our message this past Sunday was on God’s call to us to love people unconditionally, including those that may be hostile to our faith and our convictions. That is certainly what the Good Samaritan did in Jesus’ parable. And that is what Jesus as the ultimate Good Samaritan has done for us. Click here to watch the message, download a podcast of it, or read the manuscript.

If you would like to watch the entire Bridge service, it is available on YouTube by clicking here.


With the snow day today, I haven’t seen the questions on the Connection Cards yet, but the questions that have come to me via email and personal discussion center on the difficulty of loving a person and not condoning their behavior. That is a challenge! Is there an easy line to walk? I wish there were!

Think of how many moms and dads disagree on parenting children. One says, “You are being too lenient.” The other says, “You are not loving enough.”

If a husband and a wife who love each other struggle to agree on how to parent a child, it will come as no surprise that Christians who love God’s unconditional Truth and who love people unconditionally will have disagreements on how to love a person and not condone a behavior.

God grant us patience and unconditional love, not only toward the LGBTQ community, but also to our brothers and sisters in Christ who question our decisions.

Have you read the book?

We passed out about 325 copies of the book Gay and God: Loving Everyone God Made and Everything God Made by Pastor Mike Novotny, the new speaker for Time of Grace ministry. If you didn’t get a copy, for a donation to Time of Grace Ministry you can order one by clicking here

Download a copy to your Kindle by clicking here. 

Attached is a four-week small group discussion guide based on the book.

Continue the discussion

I will be in the Church Library tomorrow morning at 9:30 am for a short discussion and to hear your questions as we consider this sensitive topic. I can’t stay long however. I will need to leave at 10:25 am. I will be joining several Muskego Police Officers at the funeral of Officer Matthew Rittner.

Join us for worship

I look forward to joining in worship with some of you at the communion service tomorrow evening at 7 pm.

Your brother in Christ,
Pastor Pete


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