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Pastor's Blog - Details, details, details

Details, details, details

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

I love the details that Paul provides at the end of 1 Corinthians (read 1 Corinthians 16 here).

First, there is the reference to the offering that God was using to bind together the churches across the Mediterranean. Gentile Christians, many of them living in poverty themselves, gave offerings to help the poor Jewish Christians in Jerusalem. Racial and cultural lines were crossed. Through our offerings we say to people we have never met: “You are precious to me!” That is perhaps the greatest gift that we can give.
Then Paul gives details about his travel plans. He is in Ephesus in the Roman province of Asia (the west coast of Turkey today). He plans to travel to Macedonia (northern Greece), then Corinth in southern Greece. He mentions a number of his co-workers and their plans.
What makes these details precious to me? I see Paul as someone like myself, a person with friends and plans. We will see in the next letter that some of those plans don’t work out. Frustrated that the pandemic has changed some of your plans? We are not the first of God’s children to endure those frustrations.
Even more important, these details testify to the genuineness of this letter, even down to Paul’s handwritten greeting on the original document. These little details assure me that I’m reading the first-hand testimony of someone who saw Jesus risen from the dead. These details assure me again that the Easter tomb is empty.
Knowing the tomb is empty is the beginning of wisdom. In Proverbs 7-9 (read them here), several times we read about “the fear of the LORD.” Fear is not just terror. What the LORD truly wants of us is humble awe. When you and I know that the tomb is empty, do we not stand in awe? The empty tomb says that it was God who died for us on Good Friday. The empty tomb says that we too shall rise. It is this “standing in awe of the LORD” that is the beginning of wisdom that can protect us from the temptations about which Solomon warns.
God grant us that wisdom as we continue our daily Journey to the Empty Tomb.
Correct Link to Jammin on Janesville Video 

Pastor Nate and the Muskego Chamber of Commerce produced a wonderful video about our involvement in the community. The link I sent yesterday didn't work. Click here for the correct one!

Worship Plans

This weekend our worship services will include the Lord's Supper in all our traditional services. The Lord's Supper will also be offered at 9:45 before The Bridge service.

Because we have large worship environments, even with seating reduced, there is room in all our services for all who wish to return to in-person worship. Registration for worship is not required for any of our services.

Masks are encouraged, but not required at this time.

Outdoor Service - Sunday, August 2 at 10:30 am

We will have our annual outdoor service under the trees behind the Trinity Gym. We will not be providing food, but we invite you to bring your own picnic lunch and enjoy our beautiful campus for a time. 

Letter from Wisconsin Lutheran High School

Many of you may know that it has been a roller-coaster week for our schools in the city of Milwaukee, including Wisconsin Lutheran High School and Wisconsin Lutheran College. Thankfully, the Milwaukee Health Department announced that it has changed course and is allowing schools and universities with strong safety plans in place to open for in-person education. Attached is a letter that was sent to WLHS parents last evening with more details. Thank you for your prayers and patience!

"This is the day the LORD has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!"

Pastor Pete


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