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Pastor's Blog - Celebrate with Us!

Celebrate with Us!

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Celebrate the Unity of Faith

On Sunday at the 9:15 and 10:45 services, 25 of our youth will confess their faith in the rite of Confirmation. Attached is the confirmands’ personal confessions of faith based on their confirmation verses.

At the 10:15 Bridge service, a mother and two of her children will be baptized.

All this is evidence of the spiritual truth that we celebrate this week… that our God overcomes the differences that separate us and unites us into one family of faith.

Click here to prepare for worship by reading how the Holy Spirit made it clear to Peter that the gospel is for all people, not just people like him!

Celebrate the Power of Faith in Our Lives – Awake and Alive

The average 18-25 year-old Christian can share the gospel: “Jesus died for my sins so that when I die, I can go to heaven.”

But a living faith is a powerful thing, affecting every area of your life: self-image, relationships, finances, health, career, identity.

This is the topic for the Summer Awake and Alive event on Sunday, June 10. Learn more here. Registration is required to help us plan.

Celebrate the Power of Faith to Sustain Us – DivorceCare

If you have gone through a divorce/separation, you know the pain, loss, confusion and loneliness that come along with it. A new DivorceCare session begins Tuesday, May 8 at 6 pm in school classroom #8. This is a 13 week program of video segments, group discussion and personal Bible. Click here for more information.  

Celebrate the Evidence of Faith – A Cool Million

Join the 95 individuals or couples who have already responded to the Cool Million effort. See a video about this effort here. Attached is an updated Cool Million brochure and plan for giving form. We have surpassed $516,000 in gifts and plans for giving! We have signed the contract for the new heating and air conditioning of our school and to repave the playground. As gifts and plans come in, more of the proposed projects can become a reality! The easiest and most cost effective way to give is online from your checking or savings account. Go to 

Please return your Plan-for-Giving this weekend in the offering or mail it to the church.

You can view the April Messenger here. Attached is this weeks News and Notes

God grant you a blessed weekend!

Pastor Pete

PS. Remember if you can’t join us in person at our six weekend and weekday services (see the schedule here), join us online live at The Bridge or watch or download the message within hours of the service here.


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