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Pastor's Blog - Can 4 Months Change Your Life?

Can 4 Months Change Your Life?

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Can 4 Months Change Your Life? Your Church? Your Nation?
That seems pretty far-fetched! But that is the miracle that happened from August – November 520 BC.

This weekend we are going to look at those four months through the eyes of the prophet Haggai (Read the short 2 chapter book by clicking here). His prophecy changed people’s lives, resulted in God’s church being built up in an incredible way, and the trajectory of the nation changed!
That’s the miracle we are asking of God for us!

During the next four months we will participate in a 10 for 10 challenge. This weekend Haggai challenges us to “consider carefully our ways.” When we do, our lives will certainly be changed. Our congregation’s ministry can be changed. And if God wills, through more and more of God’s people being changed, our nation can be changed.
This weekend let’s start together on a four month path can change our lives.
Join us in person!
Traditional worship: Sat @ 5 pm; Sun @ 7:45 & 9:15 am; Wed @ 7 pm
Contemporary worship: Sun @ 10:45 am
The Bridge: Sun @ 10:15 (Confession/communion service at 9:45 am every Sunday)
Kids Club and Adult Bible Study: 9:15 to 10:15 am.

Join us online!
Watch the Bridge live on Sunday at 10:15 am by clicking here. Watch a recording of the entire Bridge service on our YouTube Channel: The Bridge Church Muskego.
Watch our recorded messages by clicking on the series titles:
The Family Church 2.0
Grace Wins (A study of Romans 1-8)
The Church United
One Journey Can Change Your Life (Easter season)
Me? Friend of All (This last link takes you to our Vimeo page that has hundreds of our previous messages!)
Join us for healthy fun!
Attached is a flyer and registration form for our Second Annual Glo Run on Friday, October 18. Run or walk and join us for an enjoyable evening together. No cost unless you want to register and get a shirt. Registration to receive a shirt ends on Monday!
Last Open Forum
Our last Second Site open forum will be Saturday, October 5 after the service at 6 pm. Over 125 people have come to hear about the opportunity and provide feedback. We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers about this opportunity.
May God bless your weekend!
Pastor Pete
PS. St. Paul’s News for the week is also attached.


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