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Pastor's Blog - Beginning with Moses - Joining Jesus' Bible Study

Beginning with Moses - Joining Jesus' Bible Study

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

The two men walking to Emmaus were discouraged. They "had hoped," past tense. Their hope was gone. Jesus was dead. (Our New Testament reading is Luke 24:13-35).

Jesus didn't allow them to recognize him. He wanted them first to see in the Scriptures that "the Christ [had] to suffer these things and then enter his glory." 

That is our goal as we daily take this "Journey to the Empty Tomb" (see attached) Jesus is not allowing us to see him in all his glory yet. But as we read the Bible daily, "beginning with Moses," Jesus reveals himself as our Living Hope.

In our worship today, we go back to Moses (Genesis 3) and hear the very first promise of the Savior. Adam and Eve had no hope until the promise of the Seed of the Woman. Let us claim together our Living Hope.

Our Old Testament reading (Psalms 89-90) also takes us back to Moses. Psalm 90 is the only psalm Moses wrote. It is amazing that the cry, "How long?" is heard already on the lips of Moses, the first inspired author. We continue to ask that question as daily cares crush our hope. How long will this last? Find hope in "the unfailing love" of the LORD.

This is also the message of Psalm 89. Notice the two words "love" and "faithfulness." When all seems against us, remember that in Christ the Lord's love is certain. Remember that in Christ we can be sure that our God will be faithful to every promise. "No matter how many promises God has made, they are 'Yes' in Christ" (2 Corinthians 1:20).

God comfort you as you find the love and faithfulness of the LORD our God in worship today.

Pastor Pete 

PS Awake and Alive online is this evening at 6:30. Learn more here. 


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