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What's the Win?

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

If you watch the Packers on Sunday, the “win” is obvious: Score more than the Cowboys.We often ask here at St. Paul’s, “What is the win?” What will we be the sign that a program or event is successful?  What is the “win” in our lives? Pastor Ben...

Who (or what) is your Eliakim?

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

In Isaiah 22, God promised to make a man named Eliakim the next palace administrator. God compared Eliakimto a peg driven into a wall. “All the glory of his family will hang on him.” His family’s identity and purpose would all hang Eliakim.The bad news… Eliakim’s...

How Hungry Are You?

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." (Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:6)Spiritually, I’m a lot like my one-year old grandsons. We fed them lunch last weekend at our house. They were “hungry,” but like...

5 minutes to a great volunteer experience

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Volunteering is the life blood of God's church and especially here at St. Paul's.Being a volunteer helps you... Express your faith in Jesus in a tangible way Connects you to God's mission to bring people closer to Jesus Connects you to other Christians and provides opportunities for...

Taking time for Shabbat!

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Karen sent me this picture of her place of Shabbat or rest. She wrote, "It is the best part of my day!" Christine sent me a link to a video of Taya Smith of Hillsong United talking about her Quiet Place.  If you were not able to worship with us this past weekend, I hope that you can...