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Pastor's Blog - An Extraordinary God Uses Ordinary People Like You

An Extraordinary God Uses Ordinary People Like You

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

You might not consider Samson ordinary.

Samson is famous for his strength. Yet in the next three weeks as we look at his life, he seems pretty ordinary. Over and over again he falls prey to Satan's sexual temptations. (Read his life story here.)

We could dismiss him in disgust. Yet this very ordinary, sinful man was a tool in God's hand to begin God's deliverance from the Philistines. 

Samson's story can give us hope! 

We may not be as strong as Samson, but each of us has her or his own strengths. (To learn your strengths, I recommend attending an I AM Built Workshop developed by St. Paul's member Emily Krill. She helped me understand that "I am built to see patterns in the past and present that lead to new ideas for the future of God's family." Learn more here.)

But each of us has our own areas of incredible weakness, just like Samson. Satan wants to convince us that we are unfit for God's work. But what makes our God extraordinary is that he can use ordinary people to accomplish his plan. 

Join us as we begin this study this weekend. Read Judges 13 and 14 in preparation.

Worship with us

Find our six worship times and descriptions here. Childcare is available at all Sunday services except the 7:45 service. Ask a welcome team member for directions to the childcare room. 

If you can't join us in person, join us online. Watch The Bridge Live on Sundays at 10:15 am.  Within 24 hours the sanctuary message is available online here. 

Awake and Alive - for the 18 to 25 year old generation

Awake and Alive large group gathering will be Sunday, June 10 here at St. Paul's. Learn more here. Registration for in-person or on-line attendance is required but is free. Register here. Volunteers are also asked to register. 

Call News

We are pleased to report that the Holy Spirit has led our Contemporary Worship Coordinator Mike Westendorf to decline his call to Crosswalk Lutheran Church in Phoenix and continue to serve among us. 

Talia Spiegelberg is holding our call to teach 2nd grade in our school. 

St. Paul's Childcare

There is a vacancy on our staff for a part-time employee. Please contact our Director Kim Neubauer at for more information.

There is also space available in the infant room beginning in September. Contact Kim for more information and spread the word!

St. Paul's School

This is the first week of summer break for our Lutheran Elementary School. We continue to receive and accept applications for 3K - 8th grade. Contact School Administrator Seth Fitzsimmons ( ) for a tour of the school. 

Activity on Campus Next Week

Next week another project in our Cool Million effort will be accomplished... the repaving the school playground. Weather permitting, that work will be done on Monday and Tuesday. On Thursday, June 7th all the paving on the west side of campus will be resealed. On Monday, June 11th all the pavement on the east side of campus will be resealed. 

Thanks for All Who Have Participated

We continue to receive a steady stream of responses to our Cool Million effort. So far 231 individuals or families have responded. We have received $228,404 in gifts and $625,000 in gifts and plans for giving. Attached is a four-page brochure and plan for giving form. Please responsd as soon as possible. Every gift, no matter what the size, and every commitment to pray for this effort is precious. Thank you!

Join Us for Golf

Also attached is a brochure for our school's golf outing in August. Hope you can join us. All proceeds help us complete the Cool Million projects, many of which are connected to our school.

A Cool $100 Tax Rebate
Between now and July 2, parents of children under 18 on December 31, 2017 are eligible for a $100 tax rebate from the State of Wisconsin. Learn more here: Would you consider donating this unexpected tax rebate, or a portion of it, as part of A Cool Million Anniversary celebration? If every family at St. Paul’s could donate 50% of that tax rebate, we would give over $35,000 for A Cool Million. That is probably not possible for everyone, but perhaps it is possible for you. It only takes a minute. Be sure to claim your rebate here:

Jammin' on Janesville is about to begin. If you attend, stop by our both in the Pick N Save parking lot. Hope to see you there! 

God bless!

Pastor Pete


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