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The Pain of a Broken Relationship

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Some of you have experienced the pain of taking off your wedding ring. That is the pain our Savior God shares with us in our devotion for today. Watch it here.  What is amazing is that our Savior God is ready to take back his unfaithful people. He wounded God's people in Old Testament...

Fear and Confusion - A Prayer

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

The events in Kenosha add to our fear and confusion. What happened to Jacob Blake? How should we respond to these events? Violence is producing more violence. Will violence engulf my life? The lives of those whom I love?The words of King Jehoshaphat in our reading from two days ago echo in my...

Outdoor Service at 10:30 am Livestreamed

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

We are praying the rain holds off and we can enjoy the outdoor service at 10:30 am today. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy the morning. If we are rained out, we will have the service at 10:30 am in the sanctuary. The 10:30 service will be livestreamed (click here) and on The Bridge Facebook...

Are you red or blue? Can that divide us?

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Satan wanted to tear the church in Rome apart. Eat meat or not eat meat? Worship on the Sabbath or worship any day you choose? The issues have changed, but Satan's desire to tear the church apart has not. Can we still be united as God's church even if we disagree politically? Watch the...

Prepare for the Future by Looking at the Past

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

One of the speakers at the Global Leadership Summit this year mentioned that the best way to prepare for the future was to study the past. The windows in our sanctuary teach that same lesson (view the devotional introduction here). The Chronicler had that same purpose in 2 Chronicles 10-12 (find...

Surprises in the Temples & Worship Links

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

We are reading through some of the darkest times of the Old Testament. Baal worship was established as the national religion in the northern nation of Israel under King Ahab and his descendants. In the southern nation of Judah, Athaliah, the queen mother and a member of Ahab's family, murdered...

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