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You are Not in Darkness

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Our devotion yesterday began in a dark and empty church (watch yesterday's devotion here). But Paul in today's New Testament reading (click here to read 1 Thessalonians 5), he reminds us that we are not in darkness. We know that Jesus is going to come back. That knowledge leads us to...

A Dark, Empty Church?

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Today's devotion is filmed in a dark and empty church. (Watch the 3 minute devotion here.)The Dark, Empty Church of the Old TestamentThe dark and empty church symbolizes our entrance into one of the most dark and empty times of God's church as we read about the last part of Samson's life. (Read...

Worship Links - A Prayer for Strength

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

We continue our "If... Then... " message series: Click here for the traditional worship service on YouTube.  Click here for all our online worship links. Click here to watch the live stream of The Bridge at 10:15. Today's traditional worship service folder and Kids Club family...

Daily Devotion - Darkness and Light

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

We are about to enter the darkest period of Old Testament history. Be prepared for horrible depravity as people lose connection with their Savior God. Judges ends with this judgment: “Everyone did as he saw fit.” Reading the last half of Judges is a call to each of us &ndash...

If Jesus has risen, then why do I struggle?

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

If Jesus has risen, doesn't it make sense that he would use his power to change us? Paul in Galatians 5 (click here) explains that he has changed us. He has created the "new self" or the "spirit" within us that desires to do God's will. But we still have that sinful nature or flesh that...

What is your hiding place?

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

What is your hiding place? Watch today’s three minute introduction to our readings here.Gideon was hiding. He was afraid of the Midianites. But our God found him and made him a mighty warrior. Read Judges 6 (click here). In the Empty Tomb, we hear the echo of the LORD’s words...

God's Great "I" and Worship Links

Posted by Pastor Pete Panitzke on

Click here for our traditional online worship or go directly to YouTube here. The worship folder is attached. Click here to join The Bridge live at 10:15 am. Better yet, find us on Facebook at The Bridge at St. Paul’s and invite your friends to join us. God’s Great...

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