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Family Church

The Foundation Stone

“On this rock I will build my church.”

Peter had just confessed about Jesus, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

That truth is the foundation stone of the Church.

The Next Stone

But what is the next stone Jesus uses to build his church? It is a stone that Satan is trying to pull out of God’s Church. Satan can pull it out because

  • we don’t have time for it,
  • we don’t feel qualified to lead it,
  • we don’t feel connected to it.

The Importance of Family

The Family is the next stone Jesus lays upon the foundation. The family is where faith is most often and most thoroughly passed on. God instructed family leaders, “These commandments I give you today… Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up” (Deuteronomy 6:6,7).

But today, the family is under attack.

  • Our schedules declare that work has become more important than family,
  • Parents haven’t learned how to pass on their faith to their children,
  • Families are dysfunctional and many adults don’t feel there is a “family” to which they belong.

The Family Church

We want to help you put that “next stone” back into its place. We want to help moms and dads see their families as the primary church they are called to shepherd. We want to help adults become a part of spiritual families (Life Groups) so they can encourage others and be encouraged.

Included in this program are the following resources available for use personally or in other congregations.

  • Testimonials that show God’s power at work in our families.
  • A message series based on Ephesians to help you see yourself as a Pastor of the Family Church, whether that be the nuclear family or a family of believers in a Life Group.
  • Daily devotions both in booklet form and audio podcasts.
  • Worship helps (Introductory videos, logos and worship planners complete with lessons, hymns, and special introductions to the confession of sins and absolution).


"You Made a Place for Me" Download Available!

Mike Westendorf and Alex Bennett just released the theme song for our Family Church message! See a lyric video on YouTube or download it from Noisetrade here to share on social media. Using the Noisetrade will also allow you to give a gift to help cover the cost of production. A direct download of the video and audio is also available.




The Joy of the Family Church

What is the ultimate joy and success of the Family Church? It’s seeing each member of the family grow in faith and ultimately cross the finish line into heaven.


Devotional Booklet

Family Church Devotional Booklet

Thank You for Building on the Foundation Stone

“On this rock I will build my church.”

Peter had just confessed about Jesus, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” That truth is the foundation stone of the Church and our Family Church effort. Through these daily devotions, written by members of the St. Paul’s family, you are building your faith upon Christ as your Savior. If you are living in a family setting, we encourage you to read these devotions together with the rest of your family.

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View the Editable Word Document

Week 1 - Audio Devotions

Monday, Sept 10 

Tuesday, Sept 11 

Wednesday, Sept 12 

Thursday, Sept 13 

Friday, Sept 14 

Saturday, Sept 15 

Week 2 - Audio Devotions

Monday, Sept 17 

Tuesday, Sept 18 

Wednesday, Sept 19 

Thursday, Sept 20 

Friday, Sept 21 

Saturday, Sept 22 

Week 3 - Audio Devotions

Monday, Sept 24 

Tuesday, Sept 25 

Wednesday, Sept 26 

Thursday, Sept 27 

Friday, Sept 28 

Saturday, Sept 29 

Week 4 - Audio Devotions

Monday, Oct 1 

Tuesday, Oct 2 

Wednesday, Oct 3 

Thursday, Oct 4 

Friday, Oct 5 

Saturday, Oct 6 

Week 5 - Audio Devotions

Monday, Oct 8 

Tuesday, Oct 9 

Wednesday, Oct 10 

Thursday, Oct 11 

Friday, Oct 12 

Saturday, Oct 13 

Week 6 - Audio Devotions

Monday, Oct 15 

Tuesday, Oct 16 

Wednesday, Oct 17 

Thursday, Oct 18 

Friday, Oct 19 

Saturday, Oct 20 

Week 7 - Audio Devotions

Monday, Oct 22 

Tuesday, Oct 23 

Wednesday, Oct 24 

Thursday, Oct 25 

Friday, Oct 26 

Saturday, Oct 27 

Week 8 - Audio Devotions

Monday, Oct 29 

Tuesday, Oct 30 

Wednesday, Oct 31 

Thursday, Nov 1 

Friday, Nov 2 

Saturday, Nov 3 

Family Church Resources

Below are some of the resources that have been suggested by others here at St. Paul’s.