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St. Paul Lutheran Church & School | Muskego
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Worship as a Christian community is core to our faith. We invite you to experience it fully at St. Paul’s.

We offer three different worship formats: traditional, contemporary, and The Bridge. All three formats are designed to proclaim the greatness of our Savior God, and allow worshippers to respond with praise.

The traditional services (Saturdays at 5 pm, Sundays at 7:45 & 9:15 am, and Wednesday at 7 pm) follow the ancient Christian liturgy (the “Western Rite”) with some variation. Most worship songs are traditional hymns. Singing is led primarily by the organ.

The contemporary service (Sundays at 10:45 am) follows the same general structure of a traditional service, but offers a more casual atmosphere. A band leads the singing with guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. You’ll likely recognize some of the songs from Christian radio and leading Christian artists.

The Bridge (Sundays at 10:15) is a second contemporary worship setting. It is held in our Trinity Gym. Each week we transform the gym into a modern worship environment. Visit The Bridge website to learn more.

What to Expect

New experiences, no matter how good they are, can sometimes be a bit intimidating. We’ve created a video so you know what to expect at your first visit to St. Paul’s and can more fully enjoy the worship service.


St. Paul’s is located near the corner of Tess Corners Drive and Janesville Rd. in Muskego. When you turn into our parking lot, you’ll see our church building up near the road. Our school is the building farther back, on the other end of the parking lot. Come on into the church.

As soon as you walk in, someone will welcome you. If you have any questions about where to go or what to do, you can always ask one of these greeters. They’d love to help.

The greeters will give you a worship folder with an outline of the service, news and a place for taking notes on the back pages. If small children are with you, make sure to get a children’s folder for each of the kids too.

On your first visit, you’ll also receive a Connection Card. This provides us with a way to get in touch with you about your experience at St. Paul’s.

We love to have children in worship with us. They learn so much by being a part of worship. If you prefer, during the 9:15 or 10:45 service, you can drop your young children off in our adult-staffed nursery. Ask one of the greeters to show you the nursery location. There is also a small “mother’s room” where you can take your children during the service if they need a place to quiet down. You can still see and hear the service from there.

When you take your seat, you’ll notice a variety of clothing styles. Some of our members wear suits and dresses, others dress casually. We are here to celebrate God’s love, not judge each other, so wear whatever feels most comfortable for you.

We have three kinds of worship services. The traditional services follow the ancient liturgy with some variation. Singing is led primarily by the organ. The contemporary service, Sundays at 10:45 am, follows the same general structure, but offers a more casual atmosphere with songs often heard on contemporary Christian radio stations. An ensemble of musicians and vocalists lead the singing with guitar, drums and other modern instruments.

We do have Bibles in the pews for you to follow along during the Bible readings and sermon, but if you have your own favorite Bible, bring it along!

The service is easy to follow since nearly everything you need is up on the screens during worship. Sometimes we’ll stand, sometimes we will read in unison or responsively. Participate as much as you’d like. Many Christians enjoy giving offerings as an expression of thanks to Jesus. Members are welcome to support our local and national ministry by their offerings, but this is completely voluntary for worshippers.

When the service is over, please stop by our Welcome Center to enjoy a cup of coffee. There’s a special gift waiting for you as a thank you for worshiping with us!

What do people say about St. Paul’s worship?

“For me, St. Paul’s is comfortable. The school is comfortable. The smiling faces I see are comfortable. Knowing my children are growing in faith is comforting. And, in church, the ultimate message of comfort, saving grace, is heard.”

– Marcia

“The church is so festive! Everything is light and happy when you walk in the door. When you walk into St. Paul’s, it is like a celebration.”

– Linda

“The ushers were very helpful when our daughter needed to use the bathroom during the service. And then I found out they had a staffed nursery with a silent pager system! I had an immediate feeling this church knows what parents need and has people willing to serve. We feel a sense of unconditional love for all at St. Paul’s and it is so refreshing!”

– Joel and Christine