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Kid's Club Weekly Resources

Each week we'll provide parents with a copy of the weekly discussion guide and videos we watched so you can discuss them with your child.

Recap – March 17, 2019

God Sends Nehemiah to Rebuild the Wall | Nehemiah 1–4; 6

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Because of the sins of the Israelites living in the southern kingdom of Judah, God used foreign powers to capture them and take them to distant lands(exile). These foreigners, the Babylonians, also destroyed God’s Temple and the walls around Judah’s capitol city, Jerusalem.


The Wall



Recap – March 10, 2019

God Shows Josiah Where Scripture Is | 2 Kings 22:1–23:30

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Josiah becomes king of Judah at age eight. Some years later, as an adult, Josiah commissions repairs on the Temple. Amid the renovations and repairs an amazing discovery is made. The workers find the Book of the Law, God’s Word, the Scriptures.


Cleaning the Temple