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Weekly Family Resources

For use by families during the summer, we provide a weekly Bible lesson and discussion in a PDF document with web links embedded. The audio/video content on the PDF is also on this webpage in case you prefer to access it that way. Parents and children are encouraged to explore together this weekly lesson from God’s Word. May the Lord bless and be with your family this summer.


WELS has created a family devotion in audio format with additional downloadable materials. Check it out.

Week of August 2, 2020

God Speaks to Samuel | 1 Samuel 3

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Samuel was one of the leaders of the Children of Israel. One night, when he was a young boy living in the Temple, Samuel wakes up to someone calling his name. He thinks it’s Eli, the priest, and runs to him. But it is not Eli. The voice calls Samuel three times, and each time Samuel runs to Eli to see what he wants. By the third time, Eli realizes it’s God calling to Samuel. Eli tells Samuel to listen to God’s message and do what God says.


Week of July 26, 2020

God Makes the Sun Stand Still | Joshua 10:1-15

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While the Israelites (God’s people) were conquering the Promised Land, Joshua, the Israelite leader after Moses, agreed to make a treaty (an agreement) with the Gibeonites. Israel and Gibeon would help and support each other if needed. When the fighting between Gibeon and the five kings became too much for the Gibeonites to handle, they reached out to Israel for help. Joshua then leads the Israelite army to help. The Israelites also have God on their side. God helps the Israelites.


Week of July 19, 2020

Moses Sees God’s Holiness | Exodus 33-34

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God speaks with Moses in a tent, passes by as Moses hides in a mountain crevice, and meets with Moses in a cloud. Moses’ face glows, reflecting that he has spent time with God. Moses’ experiences show us that God is holy and amazing.


Week of July 12, 2020

God Sends Manna and Quail | Exodus 16:1-35

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While the Israelites wander in the desert, they need food. They complain about how hungry they are and wish they’d never left Egypt. But God is loving and loyal. He sends the Israelites food from the sky—manna (a mysterious bread-like substance) and quail.


Week of July 5, 2020

God Makes Bitter Water Good | Exodus 15:22-27

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After the Israelites escape Egypt, they travel in the desert for three days without finding water. When they finally find some, it tastes bitter. They complain and doubt God’s plan, but God shows grace by providing a piece of wood that makes the water good!


Week of June 28, 2020

God Shows Power and Sends Ten Plagues | Exodus 7:14–12:30

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God is all-powerful, and he shows his power in a big way! When the Israelites were imprisoned as slaves in Egypt, God sent Moses to Pharaoh, the Egyptian ruler, to demand the Israelites’ release. Pharaoh, however, refused to let the Israelites go. To show his power to the Pharaoh of Egypt, and to convince Pharaoh to let the people go, God sends 10 devastating plagues, or natural disasters.