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Weekly Family Resources

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Kids Club is not meeting on Sunday mornings. In its place we are providing the weekly Bible lesson and discussion in a PDF document with web links embedded. There are also links to audio/video content on this webpage in case you prefer to access it that way. Parents and children are encouraged to explore together this weekly lesson from God’s Word. May the Lord bless and be with your family during these uncertain times.


Week of March 29, 2020

People Think Paul and Barnabas Are Gods | Acts 14

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Paul and Barnabas travel around, preaching and healing people in God’s name. When they heal a crippled man in Lystra, the people think Paul and Barnabas are gods! The people want to worship them. Paul and Barnabas quickly point everyone to the only true God.


Recap – March 22, 2020

Peter Escapes Prison | Acts 12:1-19

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King Herod, the Roman-backed king of Judea, threw several of Jesus’ followers into prison. He was hoping this persecution would stop the spread of the Good News about Jesus. Peter, one of Jesus’ closest disciples, is captured and thrown into prison. Read all about it in Acts 12:1-19.

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Music Video: Won’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing

Music Video: Only a Prayer Away

Recap – March 15, 2020

Peter’s Vision of Animals | Acts 10:9-43

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Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples and a Jew, has a vision (a special dream) sent from God. In the vision a large sheet comes down from heaven, filled with different animals and foods the Jews (God’s people) were told they needed to stay away from and not eat. In the vision God tells Peter he can kill and eat these things now. God is reminding Peter that things have now changed since Jesus has come, lived, died, and rose again to take away people’s sins and end many of the Old Testament Jewish customs. Because of Jesus, there is going to be a whole new way of looking at things.

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Recap – March 8, 2020

Jesus Passes On His Power | Acts 1:6-14; 2:1-12

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Before Jesus goes to heaven, he tells his disciples they will receive the Holy Spirit’s power to be his witnesses! Later the Holy Spirit comes and gives the disciples’ the ability to preach to others in different languages and do miracles! Many, many people come to faith in Jesus. Jesus gives us the Holy Spirit, too, so we can be bold and confident when we share Jesus with others.

The Holy Spirit Comes - Acts 2 - Pentecost for Kids