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St. Paul Lutheran Church & School | Muskego
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Church Library

St. Paul’s Church Library, located in the church complex off the Grace Room, is dedicated to providing members and friends with a wide range of spiritual content. Over 3,300 book and 225 DVD titles are available:

Library Hours

The church library is open to check out materials before and after each worship service.  An electronic “card catalog” makes finding materials easy.  A librarian is present to help after each Sunday service. Books and DVDs are easily checked out without librarian assistance. Books may be checked out for a three-week period and DVDs for a 1-week period.  All checked out titles may be renewed.

If you’d like to serve in or make a donation to the Church Library contact Sherry Faherty (262-679-0820) or Lynne Lemke (262-679-9537).

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