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Spiritual Growth Path

When people ask us, “What can I do in my life to grow closer to God?”, we point them to our spiritual growth path:

Step One: Weekly Worship
Step Two: Core Curriculum - Bible Studies 
Step Three: Group Life
Step Four: Volunteering

Step One: Weekly Worship

Worship takes our mind off the mundane and temporary, and inspires us with the eternal and transcendent. Worship inspires us with the eternal and transcendent. Through worship, God speaks to us of his love in Jesus Christ, giving us hope and strength for another week of serving God in our daily lives. Learn more about worship at St. Paul's.

Step Two:

The Core Curriculum is a series of two Bible studies which begins short and basic, and gradually leads into a deeper understand of God’s plan and a study of the Bible. The First Step is a one hour study of baptism to learn your true identity… a dear child of your Father in heaven. The Second Step is a multi-week study of the major themes of the Bible called Following the Promise,” following God’s promise about the Savior from the Garden of Eden all the way to each of us. 

Step Three: Group Life

Joining a small group will help you live your faith, find your place in the Christian community, and discover new friendships. As we interact with others, we get to put God’s lessons about Christian love and friendship into practice.

“In our small group, one of the couples was pregnant for the first time and suffered a miscarriage. We could talk about how that happened to us too. We prayed with them and for them. When they baptized their first baby just over a year later, it was as exciting as the baptism of one of our own children.”

— Peter and Joni (empty nesters)

Step Four: Volunteer

The fourth part of our spiritual growth path is to get involved in volunteer opportunities. Jesus came to serve, and he puts that same desire in each of us. Christians can be forces of good in the world. St. Paul’s offers plenty of opportunities to get involved in our community.

 "I noticed how large the bulletin was and how much information was given about different church/school events and activities. I noticed the various ways in which members are able to get involved which is awesome!"

– First Time Guest

Want to take your first steps on the spiritual growth path? Use the form below to get started.

Spiritual Growth Path

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