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St. Paul Lutheran Church & School | Muskego
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Facility Rentals

At St. Paul’s, we see our facilities as a gift from God to share with our community, St. Paul’s will rent out facilities as they are available.

Our rental philosophy: The buildings, facilities, and grounds located at St. Paul’s in Muskego are possible due to the sacrifices made by God’s people. The campus has been dedicated and intended for use for God’s glory to meet the needs of our congregation and community. Therefore, all guests using or renting the various spaces are encouraged to be respectful of the property at all times. At no time are persons or groups using our buildings, facilities and/or grounds permitted to use the facilities for any purpose that could possibly bring reproach upon the name and cause of Jesus Christ. Permission for use and priority will be determined based on our main purpose of bringing everyone within our area of influence closer to Jesus.

If you are interested , please contact us for detailed rental information. 

  • Church Exterior
  • Church Main Welcome Sign
  • School of Early Learning Playground
  • School of Early Learning Entrance
  • Church Entrance
  • Church Narthex
  • Mothers’ Room
  • Church Restroom Facilities
  • Church Altar 1
  • Church Altar 2
  • Trinity-Cafe-Entrance
  • Trinity Cafe Sitting Area
  • Trinity-Cafe-Kitchen-2-1024x683
  • Trinity Cafe Kitchen
  • Trinity-Cafe-1-1024x682
  • Trinity Cafe
  • Trinity Gym Exterior
  • Trinity Gym 3
  • Trinity Gym
  • Trinity Gym 2
  • School Entrance/Statue
  • Centennial Gym
  • School-Kitchen-1024x683
  • Old-Church-Sign
  • Old-Church-Exterior2
  • Old Church_4
  • Old Church_2
  • Grace-Room-Exterior
  • Grace-Room
  • Grace-Room-Kitchen1
  • Grace-Room-Kitchen2
  • Faith Room
  • Church Library